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Bonded AceDSL®


Service Details

  • Bonded AceDSL® is created by combining the bandwidth of two or four "dry loop" DSL lines. These circuits are used exclusively for transmitting high-frequency (DSL) signal – they do not carry dial tone.
  • We install an Access Device on Customer Premises. This device remains property of ACE and must be returned if the service is terminated.
  • The "bonding" is done on a Layer 2 protocol. The customer receives a single Fast Ethernet hand-off with a /29 or a /28 IP block. Larger IP blocks are available.
  • We offer provider-side QoS. Customer-side QoS must be set-up on the router interfacing with the Access Device.
  • See Bonded AceDSL® Service and Usage Agreement for further details.

Order Process

Our success as an ISP has largely been a function of our ability to provision customer orders in a timely and organized fashion. Effective order execution depends on three factors:

  • Clear understanding of what is required to deliver the service
  • Ability to react to unforeseen circumstances
  • Timely communication with the customer
Managing telephone company installations is not a glamorous job, but we are proud to have done it well for the last 10 years.

Bonded AceDSL® setup consists of the following steps:

  • We qualify the service location
  • We set up the Customer Account
  • Customer executes the Service Agreement
  • We place an order with the phone company to install DSL circuits
  • Phone company technician installs DSL circuits on Customer Premises
  • ACE technician is dispatched to the Customer Premises to install the Access Device and to test the circuits
    (if necessary, we open a trouble ticket with the phone company)
  • We turn up the service
The entire process takes from two to three weeks from order to live.
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