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Bonded AceDSL®


Bonded AceDSL® has been developed exclusively by the ACE team. It is designed to fill the niche between conventional broadband connections and higher-priced access services.

With this service we set out to solve a problem facing many organizations with up to 30 employees.

The Problem

Many SMB's and non-profit organizations located in densely populated urban areas often find themselves in a bandwidth vacuum.

They usually require more upload speed than a single DSL line may offer, and need more consistency than can be delivered by a typical cable modem service. At the same time, T1 lines and other high-speed dedicated access services remain cost-prohibitive for this market segment.

The Solution

We combine multiple dry-loop DSL circuits to create a pipe with connection speeds of up to
12.0 / 3.0 Mbps – an equivalent of eight T1 lines on the download and two T1 lines on the upload – at the price of a single T1 line.

Bonded AceDSL® has built-in redundancy because each circuit is provisioned through a different piece of equipment (DSLAM) at the wire center (CO).

Bonded AceDSL® is professionally installed by our technicians who install an access device on customer premises. If required, this equipment can be replaced within 24 hours.

Bonded AceDSL® is available at any location in the New York Metro area, Northern New Jersey and Philadelphia that qualifies for regular DSL service. Unlike conventional DSL service, Bonded AceDSL® comes with a form of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

It takes less than three weeks to provision Bonded AceDSL® service from order to live.

Bandwidth Alert

A common misperception exists in the business world that a T1 line is the fastest service available. In fact, at 1.5 Mbps, T1 is half the speed of a typical 3,000/768 Kbps line, on the download, which is why it is not the optimal, and certainly not the most economical solution for conventional Internet access.

T1's do offer significant benefits for specific applications which we discuss in detail in our Dedicated Access section.

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