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ACE is more than a service provider, we are a partner in the true sense of the word. We help clients decrease overhead costs, increase operations efficiency, and create more time for you to focus on business instead of IT.

We don't just fix your computers or network, but also navigate the ever-changing technology products and find the best products for your business.

Client: Printvision, Inc.

Challenge: A small business whose employees often work remotely or on the road, Printvision needed quick access to its shared files and in-house Microsoft Exchange Server. The management also needed to feel certain that the data was secure and that the backups were performed regularly.

Solution: Printvision, Inc., a printing and production company serving government and Fortune 500 clients, had been a VoIP, Internet and colocation client, and our account management and support team developed a personal relationship with the company over the years.

When their in-house servers needed upgrades and more proactive management, the company turned to ACE to take on that role.

We analyzed the current setup quickly, determined what changes needed to be made and implemented them promptly. Our responsiveness and quick turnaround on requests ensured a smooth transition.

When Printvision's server had a hardware failure in the middle of the night, our technicians had a backup solution in place the next day while recommending a new server be purchased and installed. We were able to make it cost-effective in the process to upgrade old software to newer supported releases.

Printvision continues to rely on ACE to keep operations running smoothly with behind-the-scenes proactive maintenance and for our expertise in making technology related decisions.

Client: Offices of Beth Kobliner

Challenge: Moving into a new office is always a challenge. In this case, the client was investing heavily in a gut renovation and architectural design of new office space featuring a 30-seat contiguous custom-designed work desk in an open space, individual offices with dividing walls and exposed ceilings, and needed it wired.

Solution: The Offices of Beth Kobliner (Ms. Kobliner is a personal finance commentator and New York Times bestselling author) had been a client relying on Bonded AceDSL® for its Internet access needs.

When the company was preparing for a move, ACE took on the challenge to wire the new customized space. Cooperating closely with the team of architects, electricians and contractors, we stayed on a tight schedule, adapted to changing deadlines and last-minute modifications to the office layout.

The result was a stunning office space, intelligently wired for optimal productivity.

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