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Dedicated Access services, which have been recently added to our service lineup, are best suited for companies that rely on mission-critical applications, or for firms with over 35 employees.

The advantages of choosing ACE Dedicated Access service is that we will always attempt to create the optimal access solution by combining DSL and Bonded DSL services with Dedicated Services such as T1, Bonded T1, or Metro Ethernet in a way that will minimize cost and maximize value for our customers.

35 or Fewer Employees

For this market segment AceDSL® or Bonded AceDSL® is sufficient as an Internet connection for the every-day office use – they offer high download speeds at a reasonable price.

The need for a T1, Bonded T1, or Metro Ethernet service arises when these companies introduce technologies that require significant symmetric bandwidth. These applications include:

  • Voice over IP (for 20+ number of users)
  • In-House Web Servers
  • E-Mail / Exchange Servers Supporting a Large User Base
  • File / Application (Quickbooks, Citrix, etc.) Servers
  • Video Conferencing

More than 35 Employees

Organizations of this size need to rely on high-speed, low-latency, SLA-supported services for all their Internet needs.

ACE is uniquely positioned to match the requirements of this segment. Our newly added services such as Bonded T1 and Metro Ethernet (available in many NYC locations), are well matched with a robust, redundant network that we have established to run a large volume of data and VoIP traffic.

Our years of experience in circuit provisioning help us avoid the pitfalls that have plagued many of our competitors.

We are a company that puts as much emphasis on you, the customer, after the sale closes as we do during the pre-sale process.

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