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Integrated Voice


ACE Integrated Voice extends the advantages of VoIP technology to businesses that use conventional PBX systems. By leveraging the know-how of our hosted platform, we are able to offer a streamlined set features that are easy to configure and modify.

Rather than installing dedicated phone lines or PRI trunks and relying on the phone company to manage their configuration, ACE Integrated Voice customers enjoy an "on-premise phone company" in the form a professionally installed Integrated Voice Gateway (IVG).

All future Moves, Adds & Changes are easy to implement and are included at no additional cost.

Service Overview

One Number ≠ One Line
With ACE Integrated Voice, customers can enjoy the benefits of trunking even with individual analog lines. Any telephone number can accept multiple calls, which can be forwarded to pre-configured huntgroups. Multiple lines can transmit the same Caller ID.

Local Numbers

(Local Number Portability)
We assign new, or port existing, telephone numbers from any carrier in major US markets.

Toll-Free Numbers

(Toll-Free Number Portability)
We assign new or port existing toll-free numbers and offer very competitive rates on inbound toll-free calls.


Utilizing AcePBX® capabilities, we are able to add some custom features not offered by conventional telo's or competing VoIP carriers. Such features may include Scalable Trunk Overflow, Secondary Auto Attendant and External VoIP Integration.

Flexible Pricing

Choose from a variety of a-la-carte, custom or unlimited plans. Our sales professionals will be happy to customize a plan that best suits your call volume and calling patterns.

Location Independent

ACE IVG's can function at any location. While there are certain advantages to utilizing ACE connectivity, the gateways may be connected via any high-speed Internet connection that provides sufficient throughput.


Additional Analog lines or PRI channels can be added or subtracted within minutes without costly and time-consuming dispatches.


We connect the IVG's via multiple redundant circuits which provide bandwidth far greater than minimally required. In an unlikely event of an IVG failure or a power outage, all calls will be received and processed by the ACE softswitch.

Basic Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Three-Way Calling§
  • E911 Capability Included
§ Must be supported by customer equipment
  • Call Transfer§
  • Voice Mail (if requested)
  • Music-On-Hold (if requested)
  • Off-Premise Integrated Extensions (if requested)
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