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Since 1999, non-profit organizations have counted on ACE to provide reliable service at an unbeatable value. We understand the challenges that you face operationally, budgetarily and technically.

We believe that the benefits that a switch to VoIP can provide to your organization are tremendous, and are addressing some of the hurdles which may have prevented you from switching earlier: new hardware cost, learning new technology, and IT integration.

For AcePBX®, where IP phones are required, we offer a lease-to-own option on new hardware. We will evaluate your current setup, can recommend and/or provide additional Internet connectivity if needed, and our experienced field technicians are available for on-site setup.

ACE will take care of and can manage all IT issues for your organization during the migration to AceVoice® or AcePBX®.

You Have Choices

We extend at least a 10% discount to all non-profit and charity organizations on Voice and Data Services. Request a quote today!


Initial Cost

ACE will amortize the cost of the hardware over 12 monthly payments. In many cases, even with the costs of hardware you begin seeing savings over your current monthly phone bill!
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New Technology

You have a million things to do. Learning a new phone system doesn't have to take a lot of time. ACE technicians well set up the phones on site, and discuss features with different key people in your organization that need to know them.
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Keep Your Equipment

Our suite of AceVoice® services allows you to keep your current phone system, and use AceVoice® lines instead of local carriers. Additional lines can be provisioned in just hours or days instead of weeks.
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BONUS: International Calling

Many organizations make the switch to ACE and see savings in their international calling with our competitive rates. Now, you can save even more on the places you call most. ACE will do special pricing on up to 2 key countries that you call the most!
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AceDSL® is a perfect choice for Internet access for many organizations. ACE can offer secondary lines for AcePBX® traffic at a discounted rate. We can also set up fail-over for increased redundancy of both data and voice.
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Bonded AceDSL®

For organizations running servers and other applications in-house, increased upload speed is often a must. ACE's Bonded DSL service is providing our clients with the same upload of a T1 without sacrificing download speed necessary for day-to-day operation and office needs.
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