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In 1999 we were one of the first ISPs to begin offering DSL service to residential customers in New York City. Many of those who became our customers then, remain our customers to this day – and for that we very grateful.

Today, AceDSL® remains a great value in residential broadband. We pride ourselves on QUALITY of our service, our technical expertise, disciplined order execution, and excellent customer service.


In tech lingo, ADSL is a "best effort" service. What the technical writers forgot to specify is that it matters whose "best effort" it is. For many years we have been able to demonstrate great consistency in maintaining our lines.

Unrestricted Access

Many large providers are becoming increasingly restrictive. The notion of an ISP as a gatekeeper of information contradicts the spirit of the Internet and our philosophy as an organization.

  • We never limit our subscribers' ability to access sites or services
  • We never substitute content
  • We never block any TCP/IP ports

Dry Loop

We provision DSL on "dry" lines that carry no dial tone. This makes the connection more stable and less susceptible to interference.

Dry loop DSL also frees the customer from the need to maintain an active phone service with the phone company, allowing for greater freedom in selecting a voice provider.

We can also convert a regular "line-shared" DSL to "dry loop" without interruption of service.

Static IP Addresses

Tech geeks have always been and remain among our favorite customers. They appreciate the freedom and the capabilities of Static IP connections. All others simply benefit from their advantages.

As IP v.4 space is becoming more scarce, we actively monitor developments surrounding the adoption of IP v.6 and will bring it to our customers as soon as it finds broader acceptance on commercial backbones.

Smooth Installs

Our success as an ISP has largely been a function of our ability to provision customer orders in a timely and organized fashion. Managing telephone company installations is not an easy or glamorous job, but we are proud to do it well.

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