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We offer plans that match the requirements and the budgets of any household.

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Residential Plans

  Lite Live Plus SOHO 3000 Network
Monthly Rate $29.95$49.95$59.95$69.95$89.95
Download Speed 1.0 Mbps1.6 Mbps1.6 Mbps3.0 Mbps7.1 Mbps
Upload Speed 384 Kbps128 Kbps384 Kbps768 Kbps768 Kbps
IP Address StaticStaticStaticStaticStatic
Term1 M-to-MM-to-MM-to-MM-to-MM-to-M
Circuit Type2 Dry LoopDry LoopDry LoopDry LoopDry Loop
Domain or Mail Hosting $5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00
Mailboxes (Qty) 5351010
Mailbox Size (ea) 100 MB100 MB100 MB100 MB100 MB
No Port Blocking
Servers Permitted
24/7 Support
ADSL Modem (Bridge) Free + S&HFree + S&HFree + S&HFree + S&HFree + S&H

1 30-day cancellation notice is required
2 Line-Shared DSL could be provisioned at customer's request

Value-Added Services

Additional IP Addresses (ea) $5.00
Routed IP Blocks from $15.00
Additional E-Mail Accounts $2.50
DNS Records Pointer w/ FREE secondary MX $2.50
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