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Quick User Guide

Voice Mail Access

From Your Phone

Dial your phone number, you will be prompted for password. Please call support if you need a password reset.


Dial your phone number. When the voice mail message picks up, press #. You will be prompted for password.

Changing Your Voice Mail Greeting

For instructions on using and customizing your voice mail box, including changing your default outgoing message, please use the following documents.

The VoIP User Portal (v.1)

Contact ACE Support to tie your username to the AceVoice portal, and Log In.

Forwarding Your Calls

Going out? Forward your incoming calls to your cell phone or other phone number

  • Click ‘Edit’ next to your phone line
  • Select ‘Unconditional Forwarding’ from the drop down menu
  • Enter the telephone number (including area code) to forward your calls to
  • Press ‘Save’

Please note that when you forward your calls, they will not redirect back to your AceVoice mail box. Messages will be left in whatever messaging system is on the forwarding destination.

Voice Mail to E-Mail

You can be notified via e-mail when someone leaves a message in your voice mail box

  • Click on ‘Voice Mail Boxes’
  • Click ‘Edit’ next to your voice mail box (usually your telephone number)
  • Check the box labeled ‘E-mail Forwarded’
  • Enter the e-mail address to send notifications to
  • Press ‘Save’

Optional: Check ‘Attach Message’ to attach a .WAV file of the actual voice mail to the e-mail. Please note that you will still need to log into the voice messaging system to delete the messages from time to time.

Call Waiting & Three-Way Calling

Call Waiting

Most phones have a ‘Flash’ button which allows you to switch between calls. When you hear the call waiting beep of a second incoming call, press the ‘Flash’ button to switch to the second call. Press ‘Flash’ again to switch back to the first caller.

Three-Way Calling

While you are on the phone with the first party, press the ‘Flash’ button, you will hear a dial tone pulse. Enter the telephone number of the third party, and once you are on the phone with them, press the ‘Flash’ button again to bring the two calls together.

Taking It With You

Use Your Adapter Away From Home

Plug your adapter into any broadband connection* just like on your local network at home, make and receive calls just like you always do!

*The quality of calls will depend on the quality of the network you are using, and the adapter needs to be able to get an IP address via DHCP.