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Hurricane Sandy - Cont.

Announced: 10/30/2012

Dear Customers,

We hope that you and your families are safe and starting to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Due to power outages and flooded/cut/downed phone lines and fiber circuits in the area, we expect that there are many individual outages affecting AceDSL customers. Please report these to us as you regain power and are able to, so we can get tickets in with Verizon.

Voice customers : We are not expecting any outages that will completely affect your service. Our data center still has power, and will run on generators/backup power during any failures.

However, due to the power issues and a fiber cuts that we are aware of in NYC and surrouding areas, as well as an increased volume of calls over cellular and land line networks, there may be some callers who are not able to reach you, or you may intermittently receive messages that all lines are busy.

We expect these issues to slowly be resolved over the coming days as repair crews are able to access areas which are currently still inaccessible due to flooding, but bringing services back to full levels by all carriers involved is going to take time.

If you have any issues reaching us on our main number: 212-868-2366, please also try our toll free numbers:


Or alternately e-mail support@aceinnovative.com.

We will continue to make updates on our Service-Alerts page on our website:


Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you continued safety in the coming days.

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