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Phone Number Porting

Number Portability

Please Read Through for Important Porting Information!

When you port your telephone to ACE, you can use it with our suite of voice services anywhere in the world.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Create a Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Create a Letter of Authorization using the link at the bottom of this page. You will be asked to make decisions about caller ID name, so have some ideas ready.

NOTE: If you are porting from multiple providers, numbers with the same provider on separate bills, you must generate a separate LOA for each bill.

Step 2. Return All Documents to ACE.

Make sure to return all requested documents to ACE, including a copy of your recent phone bill. The porting process takes aproximately 2-3 weeks, and any missing or incorrect information can cause delays.

NOTE: Do NOT cancel service with your current provider until ACE has notified you that the numbers have ported.

You may receive a final bill from your previous carrier after the numbers port. You should feel free to follow up with them any primary or long-distance carrier to ensure that all services have ended once your number has ported.

Step 3. Start/Keep Using your ACE Services!

While your number is porting, service will continue working with your current provider. We will confirm with you as soon as we have a due date, and again once the number has ported.

On the day of the port, incoming calls will start coming through ACE as soon as the port takes place. If you are porting from a landline provider, it is common to continue having dial tone for up to 24 hours.

Forward your Number

Feel free to forward your number to the temporary number assigned by ACE. Some providers will forward only one call at a time, so you may need to specifically request that they forward multiple calls, and choose the number of additional calls to be forwarded (sometimes referred to as paths, or multi-path forwarding) if needed.

Ready to Go? Click Here to Generate your LOA!